Title IX Notification

Anti-Harassment/Anti-Retaliation Statement
Pioneer RESA and the FUTURES Program does not tolerate sexual harassment. Any individual who believes they have been subjected to sexual harassment is strongly encouraged to make a report which will be promptly and thoroughly investigated. Retaliation against individuals who file complaints about sexual harassment, or participate in the investigation of such complaints, is strictly prohibited.

Students or staff found to have engaged in sexual harassment or retaliation will be promptly disciplined, and such discipline may include, if circumstances warrant, suspension, expulsion and/or termination. Students, parents and staff are encouraged to work together to prevent sexual harassment.

Notice of Non-Discrimination
Pursuant to Title IX of the Education Amendment Act of 1972, Pioneer RESA and the FUTURES Program does not discriminate on the basis of sex in the education programs or activities that it operates. This requirement not to discriminate in the education programs and activities extends to employment with and admission to Pioneer RESA and the FUTURES Program.

Designated Title IX Coordinator
In compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendment Act of 1972, Pioneer RESA and The FUTURES Program has a designated Title IX Coordinator for Employees, Students, and Athletics. Pioneer RESA and The FUTURES Program Title IX Coordinators should be contacted regarding any inquiries as to the application of Title IX or filing a harassment complaint.

Contact Information:
Meg McDuffie
Human Resources & Program Specialist
The FUTURES Program
1342 Highway 254
Cleveland, GA, 30528

In addition to contacting Pioneer RESA and the FUTURES Program’s Title IX Coordinators to file a report of harassment, all students and parents may report allegations of harassment to the applicable building supervisor. Please also refer to Board Policy GAAA (Equal Opportunity Employment), Board Policy GAEB (Harassment), Board Policy GAE (Complaints and Grievances) and Board Policy GBC (Professional Personnel Recruitment).

For in-depth information regarding Title IX, please visit the Office of Civil Rights.