• My Brain Made Me Do It: Understanding the Adolescent Brain
  • Educator Stress Reduction
  • Behavior Management for Educators
  • Grit: What Is It, Why It Matters and How to Cultivate It
  • Mental Health 101: Signs & Symptoms
  • Mindfulness-Based Strategies for Educators
  • Recognizing and Stopping Bullying
  • Trauma-Informed School Support
  • Teenage Vaping: What Is It and What Do We Do About it?​
  • When to Worry About a Student’s Worries
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MobyMax created 2 "how to" videos to help you teach from home!

How to Prepare and Send a Video Lesson to Your Students at Home

Conscious Discipline

In August of 2017, Dr. Becky Bailey hits iTunes with a new, bi-monthly podcast titled “Real Talk for Real Teachers.”  In each episode, Dr. Bailey talks with a different expert to offer you tips, guidance, and humor, empowering you to increase behavioral and academic results.  Education has many challenges ahead and Dr. Bailey is here with some real talk to make your journey easier and more fun. A veteran teacher and creator of Conscious Discipline, Dr. Bailey’s work has impacted an estimated 15.8m children over 20 years.

Brain Development 

by Dr. Bruce Perry

Dr. Bruce Perry; Brain Development and Regulation  https://youtu.be/ZVRO7PdYRnM

Dr. Bruce Perry; Brain Development https://youtu.be/uOsgDkeH52o

Why Do We Lose control of Our Emotions?  https://youtu.be/3bKuoH8CkFc

Primer about Adverse Childhood Experiences Study  https://vimeo.com/139998006

Professional Learning

Training Topics include:

Key Components of an EBP including the various approaches that can be used with learners with ASD.

Behaviors and skills that can be addressed using the practice. 

A step-by-step process for applying the practice. 

Specific resources that you can download and customize for your own use.

An option to earn a free certificate for professional development.

20+ Webinars on core Conscious Discipline concepts and trending topics for educators and parents.

Student Success Webinar

program in the ChildMind web site. These are the 10 topics available:

How to Create Assignments for Your Students at Home